Tips On Air Conditioner Maintenance From Industry Experts

Regular air conditioning maintenance is vital to keep your system going. Not only that, but it will keep you and your family healthier, and save a significant sum of money. So, if you want to keep your air con system efficient and working well, read on to find out more. These expert tips will give you all you need to know.

1. Change the Filter:

Changing the filter on your air conditioning unit is a pretty simple task. It’s also a vital part of a good maintenance plan. Dirt and grime can build up fast, which reduces the flow of air and slows down your unit. It also makes the system work harder, with worse results causing your air quality to decrease. Make sure you check your manufacturer’s guidelines before starting and maintenance. It will tell you how long a period you should leave it before changing the filter. You should also make manual checks on the cleanliness of your filter every month or so.

2. Clean the Vents:

You should also clean your vents if you want to improve the efficiency of your A/C unit. Again, vents attract dust and dirt, and they can end up harbouring allergens and bacteria. Long duster

Use a long duster to access any hard-to-reach parts. Make sure they are clear of any dust and wash the covers with a small sponge to ensure you remove everything.

3. Check To See If You’re Blocking The Condensing Unit:

Are you blocking your condensing unit and vents? It’s a common issue in many homes as neither are the most attractive things in the world. However, if you block up your system you only end up spending more money on energy costs, as it will need to work harder. Condensing units often pick up dirt, lawn clippings, twigs and lots of other debris. Once you clear it all out, you should also give it a hose down from the outside.

4. Shut Off The Power

Don’t forget to turn off the power before doing any work on your air conditioning unit. Electric shocks are all too common. And, there is an opportunity for you to hurt your hand with moving parts, too. It is always better to be safe than sorry. It may seem obvious but you should never work on anything electrical without turning off the power first.

5. Clean & Straighten The Fins

Finally, you will need to clean and straighten the fins. Air conditioning fins can be fragile, so take great care while you are working on this important aspect. Use a soft brush to do the job, so that you don’t crush or damage them. If they are bent, they can be straightened out. But, again, you need to be careful. Your owner’s manual should give you some hints and tips on how to deal with your AC unit’s fins, so make sure you read up before attempting any work.

We hope you find this brief guide useful. Get in touch if you have any problems with your air con systems!


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