Winter Warming: Use Your AC in Winter

air-conditioning-unit-control-300x200Winter is here and keeping warm is now priority number one!

We’re going to start with the most obvious solution for keeping warm: wear an extra sweater or jacket.. And a hat! A lot of heat escapes from our heads.

Of course you can use your AC throughout the winter to control temperatures and help maintain a comfortable amount of warmth.

You may also experience a lot of humidity at a point during the winter where it collects on your windows. Turning on the AC would be an effective way to remove that water vapour. Sure you may have checked the fan to ensure its not blocked up with snow, or maybe you have a cover and simply removed it so you can fire the air conditioner back up temporarily.

The term air conditioning makes people immediately think of a system to cool you down in the heat of the summer or in hot climates. Many could not think why anyone would use winter air conditioning. What many people do not realise is that air conditioning is a term for a heating and cooling system that can be used all year round. Winter air conditioning does not mean freezing air is blasted into the home, rather that the air conditioning operates in a reverse cycle to warm the air. In fact, winter air conditioning is one of the most affordable and economical heating systems you can choose for your home or office.

Air conditioning helps by keeping the air in the home fresh and free from dust particles and other pollutants and can even help to control germs spreading. Ideal for allergy sufferers, your pets will no longer be making your guests sneeze or dabbing at their watering eyes.

All types of offices and retail spaces can benefit too. Research shows that with good quality air conditioning systems, productivity and efficiency improve. Workers also demonstrate better performance. Clearly apart from the other benefits, winter air conditioning to keep employees warm is every bit as important as keeping them cool in summer time.

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