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Top Tips on Heat Pumps: Winter Is Coming

Winter will be upon us fairly soon so it’s time to start thinking about keeping our homes nice and warm. For many people, their heating costs seem to rise every year. Most homes in the UK have gas central heating, but some use electricity, oil, or another type of fuel. What a lot of homeowners don’t consider is installing a different type of heating system. Although there is an initial cost, the resulting savings and possible efficiency levels are worth it. Heat pumps are an excellent alternative energy source to consider. They can be used to heat your home and the water you use. There are some excellent reasons you should consider them for your home this winter.

1. They’re Eco-friendly

One of the best reasons to get a pump for your home is that they are good for the environment. Heat pumps work by taking heat from the air or ground, which is then transferred to your home. The heat could be used to warm water, which would circulate around your heating system. It can also warm air, which can then heat your home through fans.dimplex-domestic-air-source-heat-pump Heat pumps also allow owners to benefit from the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). If your heat pump meets the requirements of the programme, you could receive a special tariff.


2. Heat Pumps Can Save You Money

As well as receiving money from the RHI, getting a heat pump could save you money. The systems can help to reduce your energy bills, although there are some things to consider. Buildings that currently run on a fuel such as oil or coal will see the benefit of a heat pump more quickly. If your home or business uses gas or electricity, it could take longer to see the financial benefit of installing a pump. It’s important to weigh up the cost of installation and lifetime use to see if you’ll be saving money. It’s also important to consider the condition of your home. Heat pumps work best when the property is well-insulated.

3. Choose Options

There are options to choose from if you are considering a heat pump for your home. Ground source heat pumps, and air source heat pumps are two primary types. Then there is the choice between air-to-water or air-to-air systems. Some pumps can also be used to cool the home, so they provide a double benefit when summer arrives. There are excellent additional benefits to some pumps. They might have an inbuilt air purifier or the ability to heat a swimming pool, for example. Choosing the best one depends on the building and your lifestyle.

4. Reduced Maintenance

Another benefit of a heat pump is that they don’t require a lot of maintenance. There are several types of heating system that might need regular fuel deliveries or repairs. Heat pumps can run on their own without much care from the owner. Once they’re installed, they can run on their own.

A heat pump is an excellent option for anyone considering a new heating system. Learn more and give yourself another option to consider.

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Heat Wave – Why Is My AC Leaking?

The British summer has finally arrived, and while it could disappear as soon as it came, things are really hotting up around here.

We’re predicted 32C today, which is going to really put your cooling systems to the test!

Over the last week we’ve had an increased number of service calls, relating to air conditioning systems which are leaking water into the client’s premises.
On the cooling side of the AC system, the evaporator coil gets very cold. The idea is that warm air is passed through the evaporator coil, thus cooling the air down..which is then blown into the area you’re working in. This process creates moisture (much like the inside of your freezer).

The moisture that is created then has to go somewhere, usually outside of the building via a gravity or pumped drainage system.

The amount of moisture created can be exasperated by a number of things:

-) The refrigerant pressure in the evaporator is too low, causing it to get colder than designed and icing up
-) The air flow across the evaporator is restricted, for example because of a dirty filter or failed fan
-) High levels of ambient humidity

Anyway, this moisture has to go somewhere!

In summary, the water leaking from your ceiling area right now could be as a result of a number of different issues related to your air conditioning unit. Examples of these issues are

-) Blocked filters
-) Blocked coils
-) Blocked drainage system

There’s a pattern emerging! Water generally does as it’s told, and runs downhill (or if pumped, uphill). Problems occur when something gets in the way and the water starts to overflow!

RCL Air Conditioning operate nationwide with a team of highly trained service engineers. If you’re experiencing AC issues during this current heat wave, please feel free to contact us and we’ll help to find a solution.