Design & Installation


RCL Air Conditioning specializes in the installation of fixed system air conditioning.

They do not try to be experts at a variety of different trades as they feel that they can only offer the exacting levels of professionalism that they have become famous for by keeping their expertise targeted to what they know. They know fixed system air conditioning.

Over 100 years of experience in the air conditioning industry...

Some of RCL’s clients have suggested that many other contractors offer only one range of products and make that range fit regardless of the application. RCL Air Conditioning will never follow that route, as their focus has always been to treat each client individually. Each client, they believe, must be given all choices available.

There are a variety of products and manufacturers available and unfortunately, there are some that prove to be rather problematic and unreliable. RCL Air Conditioning tests all manufacturers before committing to using them so there are no hidden surprises for their valued customers. How many other suppliers of any product can claim that? Ultimately, following intensive research, we have confidence in the following manufacturers Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Midea. The comforting fact is that as manufacturers develop new ranges, so will RCL Air Conditioning invest time and money on studying that range before adding them to their list of approved manufacturers. We will of course install any other manufacturer’s equipment if requested by the client.

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