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5 Benefits Of Air Con For The Workplace

Professionally installed air conditioning systems have many benefits in the workplace from increasing employee productivity to improved general health. Let’s take a closer look:

1. Productivity

Studies have suggested that men and women prefer slightly different temperatures. The temperature that produces the most productivity is around 21.7 degrees to 22.2 degrees (71-72 degrees Fahrenheit). Be aware of seasonal changes and vary the temperatures accordingly.


2. Air Quality

Busy and bustling office spaces and workplaces are breeding grounds for coughs and colds. Air conditioned air spaces can reduce the amount of bacteria and dust particles, odours, and potential allergens as the filters purify the air.


3. Comfort 

Offices are often too cold and uncomfortable for employees. Maintaining the temperature is important and modern systems have the ability to respond swiftly to fluctuations in temperature. Highly sophisticated systems are able to recover heat from warmer areas of a room and redistribute to cooler areas, making them highly efficient systems.



4. Noise Pollution

As your system continually works by responding to the temperature of the atmosphere you wouldn’t be aware as the systems are almost silent. Staff will remain undisturbed and uninterrupted even when the system is working at maximum capacity.


5. Health


Almost half of office workers believe air conditioning spreads illness. You can keep the windows closed in an air conditioned room, making for an environment with lower pollen and lower pollution levels from the air outside. The humidity of the room will also be decreased controlling the level of mould spores in the air and any other bacteria. So overall an air conditioned workplace makes for a healthier workforce and will particularly help those who suffer from respiratory illnesses.

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Heat Wave – Why Is My AC Leaking?

The British summer has finally arrived, and while it could disappear as soon as it came, things are really hotting up around here.

We’re predicted 32C today, which is going to really put your cooling systems to the test!

Over the last week we’ve had an increased number of service calls, relating to air conditioning systems which are leaking water into the client’s premises.
On the cooling side of the AC system, the evaporator coil gets very cold. The idea is that warm air is passed through the evaporator coil, thus cooling the air down..which is then blown into the area you’re working in. This process creates moisture (much like the inside of your freezer).

The moisture that is created then has to go somewhere, usually outside of the building via a gravity or pumped drainage system.

The amount of moisture created can be exasperated by a number of things:

-) The refrigerant pressure in the evaporator is too low, causing it to get colder than designed and icing up
-) The air flow across the evaporator is restricted, for example because of a dirty filter or failed fan
-) High levels of ambient humidity

Anyway, this moisture has to go somewhere!

In summary, the water leaking from your ceiling area right now could be as a result of a number of different issues related to your air conditioning unit. Examples of these issues are

-) Blocked filters
-) Blocked coils
-) Blocked drainage system

There’s a pattern emerging! Water generally does as it’s told, and runs downhill (or if pumped, uphill). Problems occur when something gets in the way and the water starts to overflow!

RCL Air Conditioning operate nationwide with a team of highly trained service engineers. If you’re experiencing AC issues during this current heat wave, please feel free to contact us and we’ll help to find a solution.

Life Hack – Keeping Cool When The AC Breaks

It’s the middle of the summer, and your aircon has just broken down. Nightmare. While you’re waiting for someone to come out and fix it, it looks like you’re going to suffer miserably. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can stay cool without your AC. They might not be as convenient or consistent, but they can still help you. Try out these foolproof methods to stop yourself going crazy with the heat.

Air conditioning maintenance

Switching the lights off will help to shift the heat

Stay in the Dark

Sunlight streaming through your windows is going to heat up your house. A lot of people are unsure about whether to have windows, curtains and blinds open or closed. During the day, keeping your blinds or curtains closed will keep out the sunshine. With doors, it’s best to keep them open and have the cool air flowing through the house.

Reassess Your Sleeping Situation

The hardest thing about scorching summers is often the nights. Trying to sleep without air conditioning can be next to impossible. If you don’t already change your sheets seasonally, it’s time to remake the bed with some cooler linens. Selecting cotton will help, since it breathes more easily. Of course, go light on the layers, so you don’t get too warm. When it’s time to put your PJs on, choose something loose and light. And there’s always going without if that’s more your thing. It probably goes without saying, but hot summer nights aren’t the best time to cuddle.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

A bowl of ice in front of the fan will help keep things cool!

Make Your Fans Ice Cool

You’ve probably got some fans going like crazy to try and keep the air circulating. But sometimes they can feel pretty ineffective. If you want to take them up a notch, make sure you have plenty of ice in your freezer. Fill a bowl with ice cubes and place it in front of a fan and you’ll get an icy cool breeze. Much better than your fans just circulating the same warm air.

Keep Your Temperature Down

It’s hard to change the temperature in your home when there’s no AC available. So you’re better off focusing on your body temperature instead. There are lots of things you can do to cool yourself down throughout the day. Drinking a cold drink or putting a cold cloth on pulse points like your wrists will bring your temperature down. A hot drink might also be able to cool you down. However, it only works if the sweat you produce can evaporate. So drink a coffee next to a fan. Choose your clothes carefully too so you don’t feel suffocated.

Open Up Your Home at Night

Making the most of the cooler nights in important. When the sun goes down, opening up some of your windows to let a breeze in will help. If you’re worried about bugs, get some netting up on the windows to keep them out. If there isn’t much of a breeze outside, set up your fans by the window. Just make sure you get up early so you can put the house on heat lockdown again.

All these things will help to keep you cool when your AC is on the fritz. However, using our 24-hour callout service to get it repaired ASAP will make sure you don’t have to suffer for long.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance EngineerAir conditioning is a feature found in many commercial properties throughout the UK. Sure, it helps people to stay cool during the warmer months of the year. But, it also helps to prevent the spread of airborne bacteria. It does so through the use of filters.

When air conditioners get used, we expect them to work at full capacity when we demand it. The trouble is: some companies don’t get regular air conditioning maintenance carried out! When that happens, systems are more likely to fail and be unreliable.

The importance of planned preventative maintenance

As with any device that gets used on a regular basis, air conditioners need maintenance. If you own or lease a building, you’ll want to ensure your systems work at all times. Some businesses see air conditioner maintenance as an unnecessary expense. But, it’s more important than they might think!

First of all, there is the total of ownership. Systems that don’t get maintained will soon need expensive repair work. And here is also the increased cost of electricity to consider. An air conditioner that has planned preventative maintenance will be more efficient to run. And that equates to cheaper electricity bills.

You might not think it, but air conditioners lose up to 5% efficiency each year. The longer a system goes without maintenance, the more inefficient it becomes. Plus, you could end up spending up to 25% more money powering your systems.

Better air quality

Large open spaces like offices, factories, and shopping malls have one thing in common. The risk of poor air quality can get increased in them! One way to reduce that risk is by having air conditioning systems properly maintained.

The result is people are less likely to get sick from airborne bacteria. Air conditioners do an excellent job of filtering the air that it blows out. But it can only do that if planned preventative maintenance occurs.

Lower operational cost

It’s no secret that some air conditioning units can cost thousands to repair. But, prevention is better than the cure, as they say. To lower one’s air conditioning operational costs, the solution is simple. Have planned maintenance checks carried out!

Why it makes sense to choose us for your maintenance needs

RCL Air Conditioning offers bespoke maintenance contracts that keep your systems running smooth. But, what makes us different from our competitors?

We are a firm that only have F-Gas compliant engineers. You may not know this, but back in 2014, the EU introduced a new regulation. It concerns the service and maintenance of air conditioning systems. The good news is our engineers fully comply with that regulation. As a result, you can be sure that all work gets carried out in a safe and legal way.

RCL will also make sure that you have a maintenance plan that suits your requirements. You will then end up with an air conditioning system that is far less likely to break down. Plus, you can ensure the health of those that enter your premises. Contact us today to find out more!

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